10 Things I Found on the Internet Today! #1

Jennifer Lopez, photographed in 2016 Pic courtesy: (Mike / Blake Reuters)


repton swimming pool

This is an actual converted church in the borough of Redbridge, London. The 25m pool and health centre is part of Repton Park, a gated estate of neat redbrick apartments and immaculate driveways, and professional footballers.

Via TheLondonist

2. A Camel that’s had a pretty radical Haircut – and it’s Brilliant!

Now THAT'S a haircut!
Now THAT’S a haircut! Via So Bad So Good.

3. A Computer Hard Disc circa 1975

Hard disc c.1975. Via So Bad its Good
Hard disc c.1975. Via So Bad its Good

‘We’re gonna need a bigger Mac’

4. Brain surgery as it was done 3000 years ago.

Ancient Brain surgery

A traditional Karasuk-style knife found in the grave - Ouch!!
A traditional Karasuk-style knife found in the grave – Ouch, ouch, ouch!! . . . ahhhh mushies!

The ‘patient’ died at the age of between 30 and 40, and archeologists are confident the markings on the ancient bone were from surgical intervention and not ritualistic practices.

They also believe that this man, whose remains were buried with a cranked or crooked knife, lived for a period of time after his surgery.

Their studies also suggest cannabis, magic mushrooms and ecstatic dancing was used as ancient anaesthetic.

Via Siberian Times

5. You won’t believe the reason why they created Google Image Search!

Jen in THAT dress!
Jen in THAT dress! Pic courtesy: (Mike / Blake Reuters)

Yep, back in 2000 when Jennifer Lopez wore this dress, everyone went nuts over it. The Internet in those days didn’t really have an Image search, and such was the demand that Google Image Search was born!

Via TheAtlantic

6. Matt Darey’s Nocturnal track 441 from my SoundCloud Playlist.

7. Heading to London? – A post on London’s Best Vegan Street Food!

All Day Breakfast Muffin - Yum!
All Day Breakfast Muffin – Yum!

For all you Vegan people out there who may be off to Jolly old London towne, here’s a rundown on some of the best vegan food on offer to keep even the most ardent satisfied!

Via TheLondonist

8. WooHoo!! – GoPro Strapped to a Hot Wheels Car Captures Every Kid’s Dream Drive!!

Might need to make sure you have a sick bag ready – this gets a little hairy!

Via YouTube

9. Hamburger bed from a 1972 issue of esquire magazine.

Hamburger Bed c.1972 - Peace man!
Hamburger Bed c.1972 – Peace man!

For all of us who might remember 1972 that is!! For the rest – ‘See what you Missed!!’

Via Press

10. French mayor bans ‘Pokémon Go’ in his town.

Edward Berthelot / Getty Images.
Edward Berthelot / Getty Images.

Dare I say it – Yay!!?

Via Engadget

Bonus Extra – Aussie Getty Images Staff Photographer Cameron Spencer’s pic of Usain Bolt flashing THAT grin! Awesome!!

That Grin!!
Cheeky Bugger!!

Via Cameron Spencer on Twitter




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