10 Things I Found on the Internet Today! #5


Great – so we’re all gonna be walking round with our fingers in our ears now!

‘Signl is an innovative gadget that allows users to take phone calls by simply touching their ear with their fingertip. It then transmits the sound through the body, essentially turning their hand into a phone.’

Signl, formerly “TipTalk”, was developed by South Korean company Innomdle Lab, a new startup founded in 2015 by three ex-Samsung employees. It’s a smart strap that can be worn by itself, with a classic watch or any kind of smartwatch ((Apple, Samsung, Pebble, etc.).

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and thanks to a built-in “body conduction unit”, the strap sends sound through your body, allowing you to hear the caller just by touching your ear with a finger. A microphone on the strap lets you have a conversation just like you would on a mobile phone.

Actually looks kinda cool . . . kinda!!?

Check out more at Odditycentral


2. Digital Art just keeps getting better and better!

Husband-and-wife digital artists Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa first introduced the world to Saya around 1 year ago, and believe it not, she’s only as real as the pixels on your screen.



Saya was gently brought to life in their spare time as they attempted to balance commercial work and personal projects. According to the artists, the hardest part was achieving the moist, soft and translucent skin of girls this age.

teruyuki-2 teruyuki-and-yuka-saya-wipmesh-003

They are apparently working on a counterpart for Saya – once they are done the two will be put in motion in the duo’s self-produced film.

Looks pretty good so far if you ask me!

Check the full story at Spoon&Tomago


3. The Just for Men® National Beard and Moustache Championships®

This hairy little happening has just been and gone in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this month.

Beardsmen from around the US vie for the celebrated titles in many different categories, such as the Freestyle, the Dali, the Fu Manchu, and the Musketeer to name but a few.

The competition was documented by Las Vegas-based commercial photographer Greg Anderson, who traveled to Nashville to capture the charming participants’ faces.

You can view this year’s results, as well as those from past years, on the official Championship website.

Which one do you like? I’m going for the Birdcage myself!

2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5090 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5213 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5258 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5306 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5524 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5736 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5783 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5877 2015nationalbmc-brooklyn-5601

Source: MyModernMet


 4. Michael Jackson – Black Or White / Presented By Tobias Ellehammer


Self-described ‘Creative visualizer, Idea maker, Professional choreographer and dancer, but most importantly a hungry student of life’, Tobias Ellehammer has produced this video celebrating the birthday of the one and only Michael Jackson, which was late last month.

Dedicated to ‘A free world. Anti-racism. Equality amongst everyone’, Tobias and his crew traveled around the world and enlisted the help of numerous dancers, all choreographed to the MJ soundtrack.

It’s pretty good I think, has a great message, and is well worth a listen. What do you think?

Courtesy of Youtube, Nothingcooler


5. Abandoned Parisian apartment a perfect Time Capsule from 70 years ago.


This story first hit the headlines a couple of years ago, but I find it as fascinating today as when I first heard about it. It’s a story of life during the Nazi occupation of France, of love, of loss.

Preserved under a thick layer of dust for the last 70 years, the apartment was owned by the late Parisian socialite and actress Marthe de Florian, and was paid for, month after month over the course of numerous decades, yet never returned to in all that time, leaving it not only unoccupied, but also completely untouched.
1082138528 1082138540

1082138555 1082138573Image: 0081545672, License: Rights managed, RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP/MARC OTTAVI" TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY MARIE-NOELLE BLESSIG - This recent handout picture released by French art expert house Marc Ottavi shows a stuffed ostrich and a Mickey Mouse toy dated from the WWII prewar period, found in June 2010 by an auctionner in a flat which was closed since her owner, the granddaughter of demimondaine Marthe de Florian, moved to southern France before the war. The owner who never returned to her Paris flat died at the age of 91. / MARC OTTAVI, Place: Paris,FRANCE, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: ., AFP

When the woman’s heirs decided to take an inventory of her affairs, they came across the apartment and its preserved treasures, included a painting by celebrated 19th century Italian painter Giovanni Boldini, featuring a woman in a pink evening dress who is thought to be Marthe de Florian at 24 years of age.

After going to auction, the painting fetched a cool $3.4 million, a record price for the artist.

Courtesy of TwistedSifter, Mymodernmet


6. This is Beautiful Black ballerina Michaela DePrince.

This is the heartwarming story of Michaela DePrince, born Mabinty Bangura, who was orphaned in war-torn Sierra Leone at the age of three, when her father was shot dead and her mother died of starvation.


Ill-treated by her carers in the orphanage because she had Vitiligo, a skin condition which causes blotches of lightened skin, she remembers being called ‘the Devils Child’.

At this early age though, Michaela remembers seeing a picture of a ballerina for the first time, and was immediately taken by her beauty:

‘I was just so fascinated by this person, by how beautiful she was, how she was wearing such a beautiful costume’ . . . ‘So I ripped the cover off and I put it in my underwear!’

Michaela was ranked 27th out of 27 children at the ophanage.
Michaela was ranked 27th out of 27 children at the orphanage. Photo by CBS

‘I didn’t get enough food, I didn’t get the best clothes, I got the last choice of toys,” she says. “I was in the back and they didn’t really care if I died or whatever happened to me.”

The girl was told – ‘Black dancers can’t be ballerinas’

Life changed for Michaela when, at the age of four she was adopted by a couple from New Jersey and began a new life in the United States.

The DePrinces raised Michaela as one of their 11 children (nine of whom are adopted) and recognizing her talent for ballet, quickly put her into dance classes.

“I worked very hard and I was en pointe by the time I was seven years old,” says DePrince. “I just moved along fast because I was so determined to be like that person on the magazine and she was what drove me to become a better dancer, a better person – to be just like her was what I wanted to be.”
By age 14 she starred in a documentary, First Position, as she competed for—and won—a prestigious scholarship to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at the American Ballet Theatre in New York.

At 17, she was one of the ballet world’s rising stars.

Today, at 21, she’s a member of the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam and hopes to be a role model for young people, not just through dance but also by working with the Girl Scouts and War Child, a group that helps children in conflict zones.

Her ultimate dream is to open a school in Sierra Leone.

Last year she actually found the dancer in that photo, Magali Messac, a French prima ballerina who has since retired.

“Michaela’s story—the magic of it, but equally the hard work and belief in her dream—is remarkable,” says Messac. “She will inspire other young girls to dream high and believe in themselves.”


You can read more about Michaela’s inspirational story on her website.

Sources: Voila, Glamour


7. Who needs to visit Ireland to go to the Pub?

‘Oi then Lad – when you can’t go to th’ pub, let th’ pub come to you oi say!’

Boston, USA company The Paddy Wagon has come up with an ingenious way of bringing the pub to your party – enter The Paddywagon Inflatable Pub!


334689_2_800 slidesingle_1 334689_4_800

They come in a range of sizes, provide traditional Irish food and drink if you like, and will even send along some traditional Irish music, or if the crowd is looking for a bit of boogie, their own DJ is on hand as well.

Sounds like the Craic to me!

Care for an Irish jig?
Irish jig anyone?

For full enquiries, head to their website at Thepaddywagonpub


8. What’s on my Soundcloud playlist at the mo!

It’s a few years old now but I LOVE this track!! – always gets me going so Crankin’ it up!)


9. Rescuers couldn’t figure out WHAT he was until they cleaned off the mud.

Workers on a construction site in London’s Canary Wharf just couldn’t figure out what the mysterious animal stuck in one of their muddy holes onsite was, but they knew they had to act fast if they were to save the poor little critter.


Enter the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, where they washed him and found out he was a beautiful little red fox!


Hospital staff named the new patient Muddsey and fed him to make sure he regained all his strength.


Now Muddsey is ready to go back to the wild. Awwwww . . . !

Courtesy of Boredpanda


10. Watching A $2.6 Million Watch Get Made Is Gorgeous

I know, I know – WATCHing (pardon the pun!) something like this might be tantamount to watching the proverbial paint dry for some of you – however, this 10 minute video might take off a little slowly but is actually kind of entrancing!

So grab a coffee (beer, whiskey . . . ) and enjoy!

For the full story before you rush out and buy one, head to Core77


Bonus Extra – Ever wandered into the toilet straight after your brother and . . . . w.t.f ?!?

Australian company Aesop have come up with a little concoction to address one of those unfortunate facts of life – obnoxious bathroom odours.


In their own words:

An aromatic botanical bathroom deodoriser to combat the malodorous.

After vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom, Post-Poo Drops’ crisp citrus peel notes – fortified with rich floral elements – effectively neutralise disagreeable smells.
Add 3 drops of this lovely concoction to the toilet bowl post-flush, and maybe a drop or 2 to the hand-basin to intensify the aroma, and your dinner guests will be queueing up to use the smallest room in the house!


Have an awesome week peeps! 🙂



































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