A Roof Made of Solar Panels – Now Why didn’t I think of that!!

via Engadget

Now I have to say, (besides “why didn’t I think of that?”), this is a BRILLIANT concept and so SO simple when you think of it.

Kudos to Elon Musk for coming up with this idea straight out of left field but oh so right anyway!

All this time people have been putting these big panels up on their rooftops – why not just make the whole roof out of the things?? Okay maybe technology hasn’t quite caught up with this yet but hopefully it’s only a matter of time!

Especially after reading recent reports on what has become known as ‘Overshoot Day’, where United Nations data on thousands of economic sectors, such as fisheries, forestry, transport, and energy production, has calculated that humans will have officially used up all the resources Earth can regenerate in a year.

That’s pretty scary!! Time for a rethink on our Global Footprint I reckon peeps!!