About Me

Me enjoying myself at a Cambodian garden party!

Hi guys,

I’m Ian Briggs – knock-about Aussie guy from deepest, darkest Melbourne (I was born on the cusp of winter, and in Melbourne that means stormy grey skies with a promise of pelting rain, and sitting by an open fire eating toast for dinner yum!).

Most people that know me call me Briggsy – you can too if you like!

I’m a baby-boomer

. . .which means I grew up with the Beatles, Meat and 3 veg, Moon Landings, and Life before the internet. They were simple times and a lot of fun!

I spent my childhood on my bicycle, racing around the neighborhood with my friends and without cares or worries, only coming home when I got hungry, or tired, or both!

This was before I grew up, when I discovered beer, girls and travel – not necessarily (but quite possibly) in that order. I’m single, have no kids and love life!

A Travel love affair

As you might have guessed from the blog, I’m passionate about Travel, and all the bits and pieces that go with it.

I’ve traveled across a LOT of South East Asia, hitched and also driven a VW Combi through eastern and western Europe, toured through India and Nepal, flown over Everest, and was in Sri Lanka when the Tsunami hit in 2004.

I’ve lived and worked in Hong Kong for a year, recently spent 4 years living and working in Papua New Guinea, and of course, done my fair bit of Australia and New Zealand.

I’m passionate about good food and wine with friends, love the latest and gnarliest technology – especially if it’s beneficial to our world and how we live, I pore over archaeology and scientific stuff (I’m a bit of a nerd), and tell me a good joke or make me laugh and I’m Yours!!

I also love the Internet for all the interesting news and connected-ness that it brings me on a daily basis.

So, how . . .

I’m often asked how or why I started blogging?

Well, I’m a graphic artist by trade, but I found myself out of a job, and I enjoy doing this, so I thought I’d give it a try for a while and see how it turns out. Hopefully someone will notice one day! Build it and they will come, a wise man once said!

It grows on trees, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t that be nice!? – I’m not funding this blog through anything other than myself at the moment, so some advertising may appear once the need for food and a bed arises – any funds thrown my way greatly appreciated (hint hint) 🙂

If you want to send me a tip, pitch an article, or suggest an around-the-world trip in a hot air balloon then let me know:

contact me here!

ps. Why the Cat you ask? They ARE pretty funny yes?! . . . and the Name? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes – it seemed appropriate!  🙂