Australian Sunshine Coast Motorcycle TT in for a Bumpy Ride – Latest News!

The proposed Australian Sunshine Coast TT-style Motorcycle race is off to a bumpy start, according to local News reports.

A newly-formed group called ‘Peaceful Roads Sunshine Coast’ have rejected the proposal which organiser David Rollins has said could bring millions to the hinterland economy.

Mr Rollins previously told the Sunshine Coast Daily he believed there was a huge tourism opportunity for the hinterland with the proposal, while also giving locals a great experience.

The proposed 47km track would reach through hinterland suburbs around Maleny, Balmoral Ridge, Booroobin, Crohamhurst, Wootha and near Bald Knob and Diamond Valley.

Pic: AsphaltandRubber - Sunshine Coast TT proposed track
Pic: AsphaltandRubber – Sunshine Coast TT proposed track

Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson, a motorcycling enthusiast himself, said recent public meetings had been relatively even in terms of community members for and against, but felt there had been more in favour of the idea than against.

“The first one was probably 55-45 (in favour), it was pretty line ball, the second one was about 70-30 (in favour),” Cr Rogerson estimated. He said it was up to the promoter to push for the future of the proposal which was flagged for a late-2017 start.

Peaceful Roads Sunshine Coast spokesman Dr Barry Traill said there was already a well-established tourism industry in the hinterland based on the peace and tranquillity of the region and the set-up, racing and pack up for such an event would cause significant disruptions.

“Having main roads and towns in Sunshine Coast Hinterland closed down for such a race wouldn’t be good for most local residents and businesses, it wouldn’t be fair for most local residents and businesses,” Dr Traill said.

For those keen to see the event go ahead, there is a petition circulating on

In my humble opinion, I think this would be a great thing for not only the Sunshine Coast and Queensland regions, but also Australia, in serving as yet another stamp on what has become one of the worlds’ top sporting nations.

I will endeavour to keep you all up-to-date with the latest developments!


Feature Pic courtesy of AsphaltandRubber