Boil my NEW iPhone in Coke! – Now Why Didn’t I Think of that?

Ummmmm – Well, this is interesting!!

Lemme see now . . . I go down to the Apple Store with a pocketful of cash to lay down on the latest iPhone 6, out that day!! – I’ve been positively gasping to get my hands on one of these (hint hint: Apple if you’re reading!).

YAY!! – first thru the doors that morning, first in line at the counter, and YESSSSSS!! (fist pumps, dance up and down, look gloweringly at the other customers!), swap my SIM and I’m ready to roll (ring . . whatever).

I buy some Coke on the way home to celebrate and a crazy idea hits me WHAM! in the head – Boil my New iPhone in Coke – BRILLIANT!!!

Call me old-fashioned but, WHY??