Bourbon-based Spas for the Gents!? – Now you’re talking!

Guys, after a tough day at the office, what better way to unwind than to head down to your local Four Seasons for a glass or 2 of your favorite tipple, and maybe throw in a Soothing Spa Therapy for good measure eh.!

What?? – no padded leather upholstery?

All sounded a little twee to me, until they mentioned these ‘intoxicatingly calming spa treatments’ also include a splash of bourbon into the mix.

Now you’re talkin’!!

‘Four seasons spa will offer three new treatments namely ‘From Boots to Booze Men’s Pedicure’, ‘Bourbon Cowboy’ and ‘Men’s Cut and a Cold One’, each of which will incorporate a sensuous FarmHouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler scrub which is an intoxicating blend of brown sugar and real Kentucky whiskey.’

It’s 93.5% natural, and vegan and gluten-paraben-sulfate free – whatever all that means!

“I can’t remember installing a sink in the coffee table . . . ?”

The 50 minute pedicure using the ‘Bourbon Bubbler scrub’, costs a lazy 50 bucks, while the full treatment, the ‘Bourbon Cowboy’ will set you back $250.

Money well spent if you ask me!

Why so lonely . . . ?

There’s also classic straight-razor shaves and hair spas/cuts on offer as well.

Good thing that they also offer a ‘complimentary glass of that smooth Bourbon that you can savor while the experts groom you into an invigorating trance’!

You couldn’t make this stuff up honestly!

For more info, head to luxurylaunches

Bidet as well . . . Nice!
Bidet as well . . . Nice!

Though it may look like it’s only for the gentlemen, ladies are more than welcome to enjoy ‘this much needed revival along with intermittent sips of your cherished scotch!’

I kid you not!






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