Chocoholics look away now, because these look sweeeeeet!

delicious chocolates candies in a cut on a black background

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m a chocoholic!

I love the stuff, whether it be the bitter, dark ‘adult’ stuff you find on the top shelf, or the sugary ‘milk’ varieties aimed at the kids – unless it’s the really mass-produced stuff which is 99.9% sugar, It’s mine!

So when I saw these pics I had to investigate A. who makes these deliciously enticing little masterpieces? and B. where? – as in, where do I get some? Sadly I find out, I’ll have to go to the Ukraine if I want some of these.

Kiev-based chocolatier Inessa Binazon’s culinary journey began only a couple of years ago with a visit to a local confectionery course.

Inspired, she began training with a French culinary school, honing her skills to such a level that she has won awards for her creations and accolades from her peers.

Recently she commissioned photographers Yaroslav Danylchenko, Andrey Cherlat, and Olga Drach, to capture some of her finest products for the Inessa website, and the results are nothing short of mouth-wateringly beautiful.

Inessa’s hand-made chocolates have been likened to Haute Couture, taking a unique, designers approach to flavorings, look, and the fact that they are made from all-natural components and are completely free from added fats, stabilizers, preservatives and the like.

With tempting flavors like ‘Black chocolate ganache, rosemary-infused with olive oil’, White chocolate ganache with pistachio paste and Burbon vanilla seeds’, ‘Coffee Orange’, Mango Passionfruit’, and ‘Kiwifruit and Lime’, I’m just trying to see if they export to Australia. YUM!

To find out more (or maybe try and get your hands on some) you can visit her website (all in Russian so thanks Google Translate!), Facebook, or Instagram.






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