Clubbing at the Bottom of the Ocean?! – this Sub Pub is Insane!

This theme bar in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second largest city after the capital Bucharest, brings a little Cold War deep-sea experience to that clubbing night out you’ve got organised with your mates.

Jules Verne, eat your heart out!

The brainchild of Romanian design company, 6th-Sense Interiors, Submarine Bar is split into 2 vault-like rooms and comes complete with mounted torpedoes on the ceilings, control panels, gauges and exposed pipes running along its walls, along with old photos and paraphernalia from diving’s golden era.

What may look like the Commander’s Control panel where he might order ‘Dive! Dive!’, complete with periscope, is in fact the DJ booth. Brilliant!

Think I might be putting this one on my To-Do list next time I’m in Romania!

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 More info on this can be found at the 6Sense website.


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