Dark and Trippy work from this masterful photo-manipulator

Setting himself apart from much of the photographic art often seen these days, Steve Hornbuckle, aka Buckhead1111 on his Tumblr page, creates his own unique, almost foreboding style that many might say could be reminiscent of Blade Runner in all its darkened glory.

Originally starting out with Photoshop and Painter, he now uses an Ipad Pro and Apple pencil “and a few inexpensive apps”, weaving his own textures into a vast array of images, and along the way creating a visually stunning collage unlike many online today.

Hailing from Maui, Hawaii, Steve says:

‘David Hockney once said “I really am a visual bully”. I’ve aspired to be one myself since before I can remember . . .’

When asked if he sells his art, or if any publications/exhibitions are planned for the future, his response is also atypical of many artists today, telling all that his work is ‘free to the world’, only hoping that anyone reproducing his art, at least do so on quality paper!

In his full-time role as an Interior designer, Steve’s art can be found in several restaurants around Maui, so a heads-up guys to those of you in the area.

I for one, will be keeping a close eye on this guys art in the future.

More of Buckhead1111’s distinctive and varied creations can be found on his Tumblr page.


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