Extraordinary examples of Urban photography by Cory Gruenfeld

Talented self-taught photographer and adventurer Cory Gruenfeld hails from Los Angeles, California, where his amazing pics in and around LA are gaining a lot of traction on Instagram with over 42,000 followers.

“I enjoy taking the drawn-out scenic route or the mysterious abandoned path marked ‘Do Not Enter’,” he says. “No matter how big or small the adventure, I am willing to do whatever it takes for that one perfect shot.”

His photography mainly revolves around urban photography and culture, and natural landscapes.

“I always strive to capture the perfect moment. When I finally realized I wanted to take my photography to the next level, I decided to purchase my first DSLR. Since that day, my life changed forever and my mind is constantly revolved around where the next photo may take me”.

Awesome work, with great composition and use of immediate color in his surroundings. Nice one Cory!

More info and examples of his brilliant work can be found on: instagram / website



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