Feel-good Monday – because NOBODY likes Mondays!!

Okay, this was in the news a while back now I think, but it’s worth a revisit, if only because the kid’s cute, it’s a nice story, and the glasses are EPIC!! – I think they made them themselves, SURELY!! He looks like George Burns*!!

Anyway, this little sport, Leopold, has a rare genetic disorder called oculocutaneous albinism – try saying THAT 3 times with a mouthful of marbles!

Poor little Leo has only been able to know his Mum through touch and sound, so he was a delighted little fella when he got his first set of specs and could truly check out his Mom for the first time. Awwwww! – see? – isn’t that nice for a Monday!?



**See what I mean? . . . . .George Burns

***For those of you who don’t know who George Burns is!