Gary Larson’s The Far Side – They’re Still Funny 20 years on!

I was walking into a new café the other day to sample one of their coffees, when I was reminded of a Far Side cartoon – it’s actually the featured pic I’ve used for this article.

No, I’m not gifted BTW (I wish!) – but the glass front door to the café had a big ‘PULL’ sign stuck on it, and as I casually sauntered up to the door and PUSHED, the cartoon immediately ran through my mind, as I un-flattened my nose, took a step back with a quick glance over my shoulder in case of witnesses, and opened the door.

For those of you who HAVEN’T done this I’m calling you out now – LIARS!! (Ahhhhh, I feel much better now!)

The Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson, for those of us who remember them, were in my opinion, some of the funniest ever drawn. A workmate of mine once had one of those Flip-calendars on his desk with Far Side cartoons, and I ALWAYS started my day checking out the new one for the day!



The actual series only ran for 14 years, but seemed much longer. The sometimes droll, often bizarre, and almost always hilarious cartoons featured among other things; aliens, women with big hair, kids with glasses and spots, animals doing stupid stuff – often in a very Human kind of way, God, Superman, Father Christmas etc.

The strip became an international phenomenon, appearing in over 1,900 newspapers worldwide.

Larson won both the National Cartoonists’ Society Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year and the Best Syndicated Panel Award.



An exhibit of original artwork from the strip broke attendance records at natural history museums in San Francisco, Denver and L.A. Fans bought tens of millions of “Far Side” books and calendars.

The series ended with Larson’s retirement on January 1, 1995. His twenty-three books of collected cartoons have combined sales of more than forty-five million copies.

So Thankyou Gary for all the laughs – you can get copies of all his cartoons by going here! Hopefully with the plug he won’t sue me for posting a few samples of his work (please don’t sue, please don’t sue . . .)

Pic credits to: Pinterest, SCPR and of course, Gary Larson!