Gotta Love GoPro! (Is there anything these guys CAN’T do??)


I was chatting with a mate today who’d bought himself a GoPro and absolutely loved it!!

BUT, he started having a little trouble with it – software issues I think – so he got in touch with the supplier, who got in touch with GoPro, who got back in touch with the supplier, who got back in touch with my mate (all in a couple of days, mind you!) and after a few checks etc., they’ve come to the party and are giving him a brand new one!

Nice one GoPro! . . . and Big shout-outs!! (Oh! – and if you want to send ME a GoPro® for the free plug then go for it guys! – please?) 🙂

In case you didn’t know the story of GoPro, founder Nick Woodman was surfing in Australia and started playing with the idea of filming himself in amongst the waves, GoPro was born, and the rest, as they say, is history!! Nice one Nick!

I really like these 2 vids – you might too!



Feature pic courtesy of: Youtube