“Hi Mum, You’ll Never Guess Where I Am!” – Everest goes Online!

via Motherboard

Everest is Big – really REALLY Big. And pretty tricky to climb too, so I’ve heard!

I’ve flown over it and I can’t even comprehend how they GET there in the first place – over (other) ominous mountains, through deep, sunless valleys, across raging river torrents on rickety little bridges held up by a few strands of rope – Nope I’ll leave that to the more intrepid out there I reckon!

Of course though, if you DID actually get through all that, and you DID actually climb Mt Everest, you’d wanna let your mates on Facebook and Instagram know, now wouldn’t you eh!?

They’ve had Sat phones up there for ages, but only in the last decade or so have they had anything akin to a reasonable WiFi connection, but new developments in recent times have improved things immensely – they can be climbing in the morning, and then back at base-camp by the afternoon with a cuppa and snap-chatting to all their mates! Brilliant!!

What amazes me even more is how they do it with those big, woolly gloves on . . . ?! 🙂