Incredible Manga-style art from this Chinese digital master artist

Originally hailing from mainland China, Wang Ling (aka WLOP) is a Hong kong-based software engineer who also happens to dabble in digital art and illustration in his spare time, creating his own masterful series of Manga-style art for his upcoming fantasy comic creation GhostBlade.

Heavily inspired by classical fairy tales and fables, his art has a distinct leaning towards the Manga preoccupation with beautiful young maidens, either in positions of queenly power or as the fair young maiden being rescued from the nasties by the ubiquitous strong and handsome knight in shining armour.

Nevertheless, his art combines a beautiful use of broad brush-stokes with clever and sympathetic use of colour that often exudes a dark, sometimes melancholic, yet beautiful scenery that is very easy on the eye!

Check em out below.

You can see more of his work on Deviant Art, FacebookInstagram and Artstation, or support him on Patreon

H/t: Design you trust


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