Incredible urban pics that show the real Paris, and Wow!

Self taught Parisian photographer Thibaud Poirier developed a love for urban environments from an early age – and does it show!? – WOW!

From breathtakingly, almost alien-like captures of building interiors, to engaged, yet strangely devoid-of-life streetscapes, a visual feast in a lightning-show over the Eiffel Tower, to a hauntingly beautiful vision illustrating the power of nature over a disused urban railway line.

He takes us on an odyssey through an unfamiliar, yet vaguely familiar Paris we always knew was there, lurking.

There is some remarkable work here and well worth a look, if only to check out what lies beyond the beautiful architecture and fashionable fasçades.

Thibaud shoots with a Canon 6D camera and 17mm and 24mm TS-E lenses.

For more of his work, head to his website, his Tumblr page, or Instagram! Nice!

*Unfortunately, most of his work is unlabelled as to where they were taken, so your guess is as good as mine!  I LOVE Paris btw! 🙂


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