Introducing the BAC Mono – The BEAST of Britain! YOWCH!!

Every now and again, someone comes up with a concept that not only turns heads, but pretty much knocks them off completely!

The lads at Briggs Automotive Company in Liverpool, UK have done just that – coming up with one of the naughtiest, brutal-looking machines, that has some of the world’s top car writers and enthusiasts drooling!

Introducing — the MONO!

A lightweight, ultra high performance, road legal supercar designed and manufactured using the latest racing technology.

Aimed at drivers who seek a purist driving experience and for whom design, engineering excellence and performance are of paramount importance, Mono is an aggressive design and will set a new benchmark in the small, but elite segment of radical, lightweight sports cars.


The design aesthetic is intended to combine sculpted, sleek, organic forms to provide an emotional, human connection juxtaposing the technical, mechanical elements of the car.

Mono has been designed to optimise the driving position – in the middle, central to the wheels, and the balance of the car.

Mono is constructed using high-strength carbon fibre composite around a steel safety cell. The cell is designed to offer maximum safety featuring a FIA compliant steel rollover structure, a sophisticated side impact structure and a front carbon crashbox.

Powering Mono is a longitudinally mounted 2.5 litre, 305 bhp four-cylinder power plant provided by Mountune. Coupled to that engine is an F-3 spec 6-speed sequential gearbox from Hewland.


Suspension is a fully-adjustable pushrod suspension with damping elements made by SACHS Racing. Fitted with 295mm ventilated discs, AP Racing brakes provide stopping power.

on the road 3

Mono’s central driving position makes the driver an integral component of the car, creating an unparalleled synergy between man and machine. With this in mind, each customer is fitted for his or her seat, pedal reach and preferred driving position.

Boasting a maximum speed of 170mph, it reaches 60mph in 2.8 seconds. Nice!!

on the road 1

Brothers Ian and Neill Briggs and their team have built a monster that’s for sure!

Driven by passion, a demanding philosophy and sheer focused hard work, BAC has a comprehensive and coherent strategy to serve as a guide for all its activities.

‘Mono’ is the very embodiment of our approach; purity of design, innovative engineering, zero compromise and ultra-high performance.

Nice one guys! – Anytime you want to, like, give me a test drive, my number is . . .


. . . and now a little video to finish!

I have ruthlessly copied all the pics and almost all the copy from the BAC Mono website, without which this story wouldn’t have been possible. If you would like more information or want to check the specs on this lovely machine, please head to their site.

Any inquiries about this vehicle or the company, please head to this page.

Photography by:
Andrew Lofthouse, Bryn Musselwhite, Tom Ziora, Charlie Magee, and Khalil Musa,