It’s World Gin Day!! (well it was a few days ago, but any excuse eh!?) – Hooray!!

Gin Lovers around the world rejoice!! Yes, on June 11th, it’s World Gin Day again!! (Love a good G&T on a warm afternoon!)

Now I know you’re all saying, ‘but mate, it’s the 16th today – its already passed!’ Yes I know, I was busy okay! ‘Never let a fact get in the way of a good story’ someone once said (probably while drinking Gin I’ll bet!).

On this day, Gin lovers around the world get together and find every excuse possible to celebrate Gin, taking their favorite tipple as the classic G&T, or in a myriad of cocktails – a Martini springs to mind – ‘shaken, not stirred thanks’, or yes, neat!

Anyway, to celebrate, I’m going to plug one of Australia’s premier Gin producers – Four Pillars Distillery. This awesome little Australian company was established in 2013, and has just recently launched a couple of their products in the US, which is pretty good considering the stiff competition they’re up against! Good onya guys!!

Cheers! (Oh, and if you’re 18yo or younger, step away from this post – I always drink responsibly, and so should you!)