Landscape Artists’ quirky oil-paintings are now in print

Plenty of artists paint landscapes but few can match the colorful and unique quirkiness of British painter Paul Corfield, who early on in his career, only ever painted in his spare time, whilst retaining a day job in the Aerospace industry.

During those times however, his talents still shone through, and his airbrush artworks were gaining traction in the art world, selling pieces to collectors from around the world. When hard times fell on his workplace, he was offered a voluntary redundancy, and against the wishes of those closest to him, he accepted and took to painting full-time.


His original work was photo-realistic, before moving into a hyper-realistic style, using computer 3D modelling software to develop a scene before reproducing the same in oils – the style of paintings you see today.

He has progressed from using that software now, to pencil sketches drawn from his imagination, before replicating in oils, all the while gaining inspiration from the lush countryside around his native Dorset, in the UK, where he has lived all life.

You can view more of his work and buy prints here.

a_new_day changing_colours1 clouds_over_the_sea1 evenings_golden_veil1 lavender_sunset mornings_misty_veil on_the_edge_of_a_forest orange_dawn sunset_at_middle_beach a_break_in_the_clouds

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