Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore pearl!

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Swimming up to the waters edge of the infinity pool, perched on the 55th floor of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel, is pretty nail-biting stuff for those of us where a fear of heights extends to standing on a chair!

However, if you’re game enough, you’re afforded an unforgettable view of one of the most mesmerizing cities South-east Asia has on offer, along with the fact you can tell your friends you did it too!

Aerial View_Credit Marina Bay Sands

I know his sounds like an advertisement for the Marina Bay Sands hotel, but having been there myself – let me say this, ‘it ain’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny’, if only for that pool!

Oh!, and there’s also a million square feet of some of the best retail shopping IN THE WORLD, if you have a spare couple of mil lying around somewhere!

9526cf35797907.570d09b98434fRetail Arcade_Image by Timothy Hursley

Over 2,500 rooms to choose from and a view like that? – where could you go wrong!

Aerial view of SkyPark_Image by Frank Pinckers

A visit to Singapore is not complete without a visit here, and the area surrounding the hotel. Marina Bay Sands is actually a precinct of Singapore, based around the reclaiming and reshaping of land around Marina Bay, effectively adding a completely new urban area for the sovereign state. It’s very cool!

ArtScience Museum_ Exterior view_Image by Chia Ming ChienĀ 

The surrounding area includes the Sky Park – a must-visit day OR night (night-time shows are awesome!), a promenade that takes in the iconic ArtScience Museum, the state-of-the-art Convention center, a couple of 2000-seat theatres, and a casino, to name just a few of the reasons to visit here.

My suggestion!? – get there before your mates do – bragging rights mean everything!!

ab988a35797907.570d0b311e2faView of Crystal Pavilion, Promenade, ArtScience Museum

*Featured image – Aerial View_Credit Marina Bay Sands