Masterful work from this Polish fashion photographer

Polish-born photographer Ula Kóska and makeup artist Beata Bojda combine efforts on a  photo shoot called Ethnic Bride, producing colorful and enigmatic pics that embrace the roots of their homeland, and a masterly command of their respective arts.

As is a customary trait with Eastern European countries exhibiting their national costumes, the Floral Crown seems to be right up there as one of the more traditional types of head-wear for women, especially when it comes to religious or more secular ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, Easter or festivals.

As in my piece on the Ukranian Floral crowns late last year, the Polish variety is making a popular comeback.

When combined with an adept approach with makeup, along with contemporary styling additions like jewelery and fashions, it makes for a stylish result that reflects the modern Polish woman’s strong connection to her traditional heritage.

You can see more of Ula’s work on her website here, or on Instagram, and  both are on Facebook – Ula Kóska | Beata Bojda



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