Mexican photographer Jvdus Berra nails the fashion look

With an impressive portfolio, and a client list that includes the likes of Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Forbes, Marie Claire, and InStyle to name just a few, you could still be forgiven for not recognizing his name unless you were heavily involved with the fashion industry.

Named as “One of the most influential top 10 Latin photographers” by E! magazine”, Mexican photographer Jvdus Berra has already had an illustrious career spanning less than 10 years.

Having worked for multiple designers, modeling agencies, advertising campaigns and national and international journals, and obtaining a rapid professional growth, he has earned himself recognition as one of most promising talents in Fashion and Fine Art Photography.

His fine art work is now exhibited at the prestigious Fine Art Gallery “These Fine Walls” in New York. “I have no limits, not even the sky is” he says.

His work is also represented by the highly recognized gallery “Art Angels” in Los Angeles, California, alongside the work of Andy Warhol, David Lachapelle, Michael Moebius and other world-class artists.

He has also recently done a shoot raising awareness for animal welfare, called Autumn for the Elephants, featuring model Autumn Kendrick.

Having a background in advertising and graphics myself, I love his art direction and use of quirkiness and colour – I hope you do too.

You can see more of his work on Behance, Facebook or his website

D´SCENE: Milky Way (Quetzalcoátl)
D´SCENE: Milky Way (Quetzalcoátl)
Butterfly Empress
Lozzano Brides
A Body of Salt
The FMD: La Vendetta Del Toro
Erkan Demiroğlu
Holy Grail



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