Mmmmmm PIZZA! – And if you live in Melbourne, here’s One of the Best!

Okay it’s lunchtime and I’m getting hungry OKAY!? . . . or is that HANGRY? – grrrrr!


According to Wikipedia,

The modern pizza was invented in Naples, Italy, and the dish and its variants have since become popular in many areas of the world’



– fair enough! They do actually mention the Ancient Greeks further down the page but don’t Specifically mention the word ‘Pizza’.

Greeks (mmmmm . . ok)1, Italians 1


When you Google ‘History of Pizza’, one source says:

the history of pizza goes back to the ancient times in the Middle East. The Greeks, Egyptians, Armenians, Israelis, and Babylonians were making some derivative of pizza in the ancient times.

Hmmmm – dodgy – okay they all get 1


. . . and then another source says:

Pizza was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in Menlo Park NJ in 1880. After inventing the incandescent light bulb, Edison became hungry and . . .

. . before finally admitting that

Even earlier (circa 500 B.C.), Persian soldiers baked a flatbread on their shields which they then covered with cheese and dates.

Edison 1, Greeks 1, Persians 1, Italians 1


However, the Greeks and the Persians didn’t actually cook their pizzas in an oven it seems, whereas, if you go Italy and check out some of the ancient Roman ruins, you’ll find plenty of old pizza ovens like this one:

Pompeii Pzza ovenPhoto: Polykarbon/WikiCommons CC BY-SA 3.0

Greeks 1, Persians 1, Italians 2, the Rest (jury is still out on them I reckon!)


However, Naples was actually founded by the Greeks around 600BC, making that –

Greeks 2, Persians 1, Italians 0


Okay, now I’m getting confused!

I think it’s fair to say though, the Italians refined the pizza as we know it today! – And I think we can all agree that a good pizza is pretty good, and also pretty hard to find sometimes. Plenty make ’em, not all are good!

Hands up everyone who has ordered a pizza, only to be bitterly disappointed by what turned up!!?

Yup I’m hearing you!

Well, it just so happens I know a REALLY good pizza place if you happen to be around the Fitzroy area of Melbourne, so I’m gonna give ’em a free plug, cos the owners are good mates, and hopefully they’ll give this poor, homeless blogger a freebie next time he’s in town!  😉

Girasole Pizza resides at: 60 Johnston S, Fitzroy, VIC

Michael and his wife Rachel run the place, and their pizzas are all made the traditional way. The hand-crafted, slow rise pizza dough, in-house pastas and desserts, along with Michael’s Sicilian heritage all makes for the perfect combination, and in the words of a former Aussie PM, “you’d be a Mug” not to treat yourself here.

Located in the heart of Fitzroy, Girasole combines an authentic passion for Italian food with the ancient art of artisanal sourdough that will win pizza loving fans from far and wide.

Check out the pics below if you need more convincing! I’m off to get a PIZZA!