More amazing styles from the British Hair Awards 2016

Brit photographer Luke Nugent’s pics from the British Hair Awards 2016 are nothing short of amazing from a technical standpoint, let alone the incredible hair styling, make-up and overall design.

My previous post has been such a success that I thought I’d better add a few more to the list for you to check out.

A little credit where it’s due as well –

Lisa Farrall ‘Armour’ hair collection.
Styling: a+c:studio
Makeup: Suhyun Kang-Emery
Collection nominated for the final of British Hairdresser of the Year Award Afro category and earned Lisa 3 Black Hair & Beauty Awards finalist nominations in the Weave, Natural and Stylist of the Year categories!

See HJI website for more details.

All photos by Luke Nugent

For more of Luke’s work, head to Behance, or his website here.

Afro Category

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+ those from my previous post in case you didn’t see it  🙂

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Avant Garde category

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