Neon lights and stylish sunglasses make for some nice Eye Candy

Over the past decade Photographer Mathew Guido has been bringing together both his unique aesthetic for exciting compositions and commercial viability with international retailers, labels and publications.

As a magician of light, Mathew’s hauntingly beautiful portraits are fearless in exploring and illustrating the complexities of human emotion.

Captivated by Renaissance Art and exaggerated themes in Japanese Anime, Mathew is currently exploring portraiture creating images that tell a story and leave a memorable impression.

In his most recent photo-shoot Eye Candy, instead of shooting in a controlled studio environment under artificial lighting, Mathew decided to use dark environments under neon and street lighting, creating conceptual, tight-perspective portraits in this unique and visually dramatic series.

With a client list including Saks 5th Avenue, Adidas, Nordstrom and Virgin, and at a smidge under 28yo, this guy is going places in the frenetic world of professional photography.

Cool pix all round really!

You can find more of his work on his Website, Instagram, and Behance

Sources include: ThePhotoblogger, InstituteMag

Some of Mathew’s other work is also impressive and can be found on his website too.





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