New Siberian Gold Rush – Woolly Mammoth Tusks are in High Demand!

Well it’s good for the Elephants of the world I guess – not too sure about the environmental impact though!?

‘Tuskers’ have been hard at it in the Yakutsk region of the Russian wilderness digging for tusks from prehistoric animals that died in bogs thousands of years ago.

And they’re getting big money for them too – enough to keep these hardy souls out in the often bleak conditions for months at a time, searching for the elusive prizes that often bring huge prices on the overseas markets.

Luckily this all seems to be happening only in this one particular area, but it remains to be seen if more areas are found as the melting Siberian perma-frosts offer up more sites for these guys.

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Pics by Amos Chapple/RFE/RL

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