Norwegian hiking lodges modern new turn for weary legs

I’ve just made up a word – we all know Camping and Glamping yes? Well what about Hiking and Gliking? . . . Trekking and Glekking? Tramping and . . . .

Hmmmmm – okay might need a bit of work, but if these modern new hiking lodges in Norway are anything to go by then we’re gonna need another word!


Designed by KOKO architects in Norway, these cozy self-catering lodges have room for around 30 people all up, are solar-heated, have plush contemporary interiors, and have been given a rolled-zinc exterior cladding, making them almost maintenance-free and resistant to the harsh Norwegian elements.

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Water is collected from the fresh-water lake down the hill and there are wood heaters for when it gets cold – which is most of the time I’d think.

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AND when you want a shower – why not do it outside with a burbling open mountain stream for company!


Fairly minimal but they would definitely be a welcome site after a long day of trekking over cold, blustery mountains in the middle of Norway I’d say.

Source: Contemporist

Photography by T├Ánu Tunnel





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