Parisian floors look so much better with the right shoes!

When we stroll into a store or mall on a lazy Saturday morning, we might notice the unique flooring momentarily, but often we have more important things on our minds – shopping, eating, chatting, browsing . . . !

In fact there’s probably a pretty good chance that we don’t even notice the floors at all. I mean, are we really missing that much — really?

portraitTalented German photographer Sebastian Erras, also known for his series on Parisian shopfront façades, will change all that, with an eclectic pictorial series on the impressive artistry employed on the floors of Paris.

Donning some pretty fancy shoes, he has snapped an array of colorful floors from around Paris showcasing their exotic designs and displays of craftsmanship that is often neglected these days, And with such work that has gone into them, oftentimes goes unnoticed anyway.

Check them out, and I bet you’ll notice the next time you walk across a fancy floor.

For more of his work head to his website.

parisianfloors1 parisianfloors2 parisianfloors3 parisianfloors4 parisianfloors5 parisianfloors6 parisianfloors8 parisianfloors9 parisianfloors10 parisianfloors11 parisianfloors12 parisianfloors13 parisianfloors14 parisianfloors15 parisianfloors16 parisianfloors18 parisianfloors19 parisianfloors20 parisianfloors21 parisianfloors22 parisianfloors23 parisianfloors24 parisianfloors25 parisianfloors26




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