Pickup or Delivery? – New Drone looks straight out of a Sci-Fi movie!

Officially called the PD6B-AW-ARM, this drone is made by Prodrone in Japan and features two robotic arms. The 6-rotor drone can lift up to 44 pounds (20kg) and lasts for 30 minutes on a charge.


The drone can lift objects and can even come to rest perched on a fence or railing, a feature that could be used for recharging while in flight.

Now that wouldn’t freak you out first thing in the morning sitting on next door’s fence would it?!

 The arms are quite nimble.

The ProDrone folks say that they can perform multiple operations such as grabbing different things in mid-air, to cutting wires, and flipping switches at altitudes — up to 5,000 feet — where direct human interaction is inconvenient or impossible. Capable of operating in nearly any weather, it’s limited only by the person at the controls.

Prodrone doesn’t offer pricing info, but the amount of custom work and end-to-end support the company offers likely means that the average Joe isn’t the target market for these products anyway.

All hail our new Drone Overlords! Yikes!!

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