Stunning pics capture the beauty of Australian cityscapes and beyond

patrickMulti-talented freelance photographer, designer, and adventurer Patrick Koong has captured the true essence of Australian cityscapes and beyond with this beautiful series of pics.

The stunningly gorgeous Sydney Opera House never looked so beguiling, as Patrick then leads us downtown on a dark and stormy night, before heading offshore to witness some of the spectacular roadways that cross or hug the rugged Australian coastline.

His slow exposures and unique eye for composition, coupled with an acute manipulation of the available lighting have produced this moody, enigmatic series of photos.

By day this masterly photographer is a Product designer

‘all the way from UX research, interaction (my speciality) and visual design, right down to front-end code.

Previously at Atlassian and working on JIRA, I’m now at Australia’s largest and fastest growing startup, Campaign Monitor, where I’m helping to grow and cultivate a world-class Design team while the company scales rapidly.

At all other times, I’m an adventurer and photographer. I love capturing moments, especially ones with land and cityscapes, people, architecture and anything dark & moody.’

I think you’ve certainly mastered it Patrick – keep up the great work mate!

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More info on Patrick’s work can be found on his Instagram | Facebook | Website

All photos by Patrick Koong

H/t: Photogrist




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