The ethereal beauty of Russia’s magical, crystal clear Lake Baikal

A little while ago I posted about Lake Baikal as part of a larger post, and was totally captured by the astonishing beauty of this place.

Universally considered the largest, deepest and also one of the worlds cleanest Fresh-water lakes, Russia’s Lake Baikal arcs through nearly 400 miles of south-eastern Siberia and lies just north of the Mongolian border.

Ummmm . . . tongue . . thtuck – a little help pleath?!

Created in a rift valley, Baikal is thought to be around 25 million years old, and has a rich, bio-diversity, with current estimates of over 1,000 species of plants and 2,500 species of animals based on current knowledge, although the actual figures for both are generally thought to be much higher.

It is mostly frozen over between January and May, where it becomes a wintery, otherworldly place with temperatures dropping to an icy -21ºC, and visited by only the hardiest of souls.

Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva has taken these beautiful pics of a truly astonishing place in the world, that is currently under threat from polluting factories that have been allowed to set up on its shorelines, a proposed oil pipeline in the near vicinity, plans for a uranium mine nearby, and local towns and tourist sites illegally dumping waste.

Let’s hope the Russian ‘powers that be’ make a concerted effort to try and preserve what is considered the ‘Jewel of Russia’ and one of the natural wonders of the world before it’s too late!

Photos below by Kristina Makeeva – website | facebookinstagram

Other source: EnglishRussia


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