This almost makes me want to take up Film Photography again!

How good is this!

German industrial designer Thomas Müller has come up with a nifty kit designed to take the pain out of film development for all the budding photographers out there who still use film.

Called the Kanton DX35, the kit does away with all the messy stuff like heating your chemicals to the correct temps, or standing in a darkroom trying to first load the film and then add the chemicals and then agitating for the duration . . . Yawn!!! Often the final results can be a bit iffy as well from memory!!  🙂

This kit instead combines chemical heating with automatic agitation all in a single device that sits on your desk.

It develops colour as well as black and white films in both 35 and 120 mm without the need of a darkroom.

Reliable and precise chemical heating combined with automated film agitation in a single device. It also comes with a scanner for digitizing your images, and a knife system for neg cutting – Brilliant! Check it out here!