This guy crashed his car in the desert, turned it into a bike, and rode back out! Genius!

Feature image: The man in question cuts a dashing figure! – dig the ‘budgies’!

After crashing his Citroen 2CV car in the Moroccan desert, a pretty ballsy Frenchman, Emile Leray, took it upon himself as a last resort, to turn his trashed car into a motorbike, and swiftly rode back out. What tha??

Emile, 43 and obviously a man of many talents, decided the adventurous life was for him, and set off into the desert for a few days, luckily with enough food and drink – possibly red wine, knowing the French 🙂 – and after trying his hand at a little off-road touring, found that his usually trusty little ‘Deux chevaux‘, wasn’t quite up to the task, and he crashed – maybe it was his driving not up to the task?? – dunno!

Anyway, his car was trashed, so he began pulling it apart, and then reassembling it, into one mean 2-wheeled 2CV and promptly up and rode back to civilization. What a champ!

the bike

He’s now producing limited-edition models in different colors if anyone’s interested!?


the bike 4Anyone read French??

With only minutes to spare – or should I say millilitres, as he was rapidly running out of water – he rode out of the desert, and straight into the arms of a Moroccan Police patrol, who booked him for having registration papers that didn’t match the vehicle! Geez you can be stiff sometimes eh!?

What a Legend – nice one Emile!