This guy’s humorous shots of his kids are brilliant

A Swiss IT Manager by day, but by night this guy dons his Super-Snapper tights and cape and takes his 3 daughters on some wild and whimsical adventures into some mischievous and totally unconventional scenes which can only make you smile with delight.

John Wilhelm lives with his family in Zurich, Switzerland and when the 46yo is not sorting out the IT problems of his workplace, he conjures his kids in some quizzical, fanciful, and downright quirky images that are absolutely brilliant, with a little help of some ‘Shop’ and 3D software.

“I love bringing my fantasy to life with the help of my own images, Photoshop and 3D Software. Due to the fact that it’s more an obsession than plain passion I call myself a photoholic.”

With a passion for photography since childhood, the digital era opened up a whole new world for John, whose other love of course, is his family.

I reckon he totally nails it.

You can check out more of his work, including how he makes these pics, on his Website or Facebook




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