Ukrainian floral crowns are making a beautifully modern comeback

Treti Pivni, a Slavic collective of creatives in fashion and photography, has recently produced a beautiful photographic tribute showcasing the floral headwear and crowns worn by young women and girls of the Ukraine.

Traditionally worn as a sign of purity and marital eligibility, the floral wreaths, or Vinoks, were thought to ward off evil spirits in the country’s early history, and are making a beautiful and modern comeback in the Ukraine as a symbol of national pride, while sending a message of peace and tenderness to the world.

Often worn in daily life, and made from either fresh, paper or waxen flowers attached to a backing of stiff paper which is then covered by ribbons, they are most often associated with weddings or folk festivals.

Model Nadiia Shapoval recently said in an article for Vogue Magazine,

I think we are coming back to floral themes because fashion is starting to react on wars that we are having around the globe. We need some tenderness.

Treti Pivni (translated as Third Rooster) took all of these beautiful shots, and you can find more on their Facebook page, or Instagram.

H/t: Whowhatwear

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