Vegetarian Dishes that can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes!

Okay!! – OFFICIALLY hungry now!

I’d be a complete and utter liar if I said that a nice, juicy, succulent porterhouse steak had never passed my lips – I DO enjoy my meat occasionally – sorry all you lovely Vegans and Vego’s out there!!

However, I saw this article, checked out the recipes, noted that most of them didn’t have some unpronounceable, mystical ingredients that can only be obtained from the foothills of a little-known Himalayan mountain during a winter solstice, ON a full moon no less . . . and thought I’d do you all a ‘flavour’ (geddit?) and share it with you. How good am I??!

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A big thankyou to the NY Times for making me hungry as well – MUST . . . EAT . . . NOW!!